Farmer’s Market Quinoa Saut√©

I actually can’t take any credit for this recipe, and have to give it all to the lovely Kristin of Iowa Girl Eats — a really great and healthy blog that my dear friend Greta introduced me to. It’s always nice to find some new and interesting ways to use quinoa, and the lemon-honey dressing on this recipe is wonderful. The only changes I made to Kristin’s recipe were using carrots in place of zucchini and goat cheese instead of feta (my personal preference). It made an excellent dinner (and lunch the next day), and is incredibly healthy to boot. You can find the recipe here.¬†


Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Guys, it’s been a rough week. And it’s only Tuesday! Actually, I’m just being a baby, but I haven’t had coffee since Sunday and it’s been really hard. I decided to give it up (at least for a little while) since I had been getting bad stomachaches. Anyways. Lack of caffeine aside, Ari and I have made these chicken lettuce wraps a few times — particularly as we have been trying to eat less gluten. They are pretty much as easy as it gets, and make a great quick dinner during the week.
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Peach Buttermilk Cake

Even though it’s after Labor Day, I’m not quite ready to let go of summer. Though I love fall, and the thought of wearing boots and scarves again sends a little thrill up my spine, I’m still holding on to peaches, berries, and eating outside for as long as I can. I know that soon, the farmer’s market will be filled with apples and squash for months, so I’m happy to enjoy the last summer fruit for as long as I can. This cake could also be made with plums or any kind of berries (as Deb does on Smitten Kicthen) — I think that the buttermilk and lemon zest pair wonderfully with them all. Continue reading

Tomato-Feta Open-Faced Sandwiches

To me, the end of summer means lazy afternoons spent in the park, swimming, candlelit dinners al fresco, and more than anything — tomatoes. Or at least, the first three are what I dream during the summer (mostly I’ve been in an air-conditioned office and sweating on the subway). But tomatoes, those I can have. My mom made these simple sandwiches for me when I was home a few weeks ago (why is everything always better when Mom makes it?) with tomatoes from their garden, and I couldn’t resist re-creating it once I got back to the city — especially since she sent a few of those tomatoes back with me as well. This makes an excellent appetizer or a simple lunch — but be careful, you’ll eat a whole baguette before you know it.
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I don’t really have an excuse for my absence here over the last week, but if I did it would be that the batteries for my camera are currently dead and I left my charger at a friend’s apartment. So until I get that back (I’m hoping by tomorrow) here are a few pictures from recent happenings, including a few from my trip to Minnesota (chickens! Wesley!) and from New York (trip to Rockaway Beach — and Rockaway Taco — a 1920’s party on Govorner’s Island, and movies at Brooklyn Bridge Park) as well. I’ll be back soon with some great late-summer recipes, I promise.